Consulting & Services

Property Dispositions & Investment Sales

Campton Commercial operates on a bedrock of three core principles: transparency, accuracy, and exposure for all client dispositions. Drawing on seasoned expertise, our primary objective is to optimize returns for clients by showcasing each property to an extensive pool of both potential buyers and buyer-representing brokers. We do not force our ability to “double-end” deals simply to pocket greater fees.

Property Consulting & Advisory (Sell vs. Hold; Purchase or Pass)

We provide flat-fee commercial property advisement services. We emphasize a non-contingent fee structure, which is paid irrespective of the acquisition or disposition of a commercial asset. This approach is designed to uphold objectivity, distinguishing it from a commissions-focused model that ties compensation to a purchase or sale. By removing the incentive linked to transaction outcomes, we ensure unbiased guidance to our clients.

This service is engaged by firms seeking to enhance their analysis and gather additional market data during the acquisition or disposition process. We go beyond traditional methods, offering comprehensive reporting that encompasses both qualitative and quantitative insights. This approach ensures our clients receive a thorough understanding of each deal they have under contract, allowing them to make well-informed decisions with more data.

Acquisition Sourcing

Acquisition sourcing entails actively identifying and pursuing specific deals that align with clients’ criteria. This process offers close collaboration with each client’s acquisitions team to identify, source, analyze, underwrite and negotiate on targeted opportunities to facilitate smooth transactions.

Engaging with a diverse range of principals and brokers in this landscape often resembles navigating the unpredictable nature of the Wild West. To bring order to this complexity, we prioritize quality and clear communication, ensuring that all pertinent information is thoroughly gathered to verify the viability of each deal and the motivation of parties involved.